Calculating Productivity


The reconstruction project has several stages, such as:


1. Examine existing premises and local conditions.
To do this, our specialists go to the company, where they conduct careful measurements of the geometric parameters of the premises that are planned to be used. They study the construction features and the relative position of its existing buildings. Also, very important is to determine customer’s needs and expectatione.

2. Pre-planning.
At this stage, taking into account the specific conditions, we develop several variants of technological solutions for the production, and plan the approximate placement of technological equipment, the approximate cost of construction or repair work, the purchase of pig livestock. Basing on this, we carry out the final version.

3. Project development.
The stage includes detailed technology calculations, with the determination of the exact number of livestock in the enterprise,  dynamics of technological group movement, and feed rations planning, taking into account the forage base of the farm and veterinary activities planning. To ensure optimal organization of work at the enterprise, our specialists develop a cyclogram of livestock movement. When it comes to project development for a  new facility building, our engineers work on a construction site selection, planning of the main and auxiliary buildings layout, and detailed planning of equipment placement. An important stage of cooperation is an unbiased, vendor-independent, and objective (in terms of price-quality) process of technological equipment selection. At this stage we can offer individual design of equipment for certain areas or enterprise systems.       
4. Technical and economic calculations and investment plan.
Based on the cyclogram of the complex premises commissioning, our specialists develop a detailed financial plan for the investment schedule taking into account the technical capabilities and physiological characteristics of the animals. This allows rational allocation of funds and planned commissioning of the structural divisions of the livestock complex.