Slotted floors

Сast iron slotted floors

Сast iron slotted floors

    Iron slotted floors are mainly used in the farrowing sections, and are equip..

Slotted plastic floor

Slotted plastic floor

    Plastic grids are made of high-quality material of imported propylene block ..

Slotted concrete floors

Slotted concrete floors

    Our promise is to provide durable and reliable slotted concrete floors, whet..

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    Slotted floors for pig houses is a technological solution to ensure proper sanitary and veterinary standards. Slit floors for pig farms can solve the problem of maintaining the cleanliness and housing of animals of different sex and age.

    Floors for swinery: characteristics

    The floor in a swinery must meet the all the requirements for an environment where feeders, drinking bowsl and manure removal mechanism are placed next to each other. Cleanliness not only helps avoid smell, but also to maintain healthy environment and increase in livestock. The slotted floor for pigs consists of two levels: the first is the actual floor covering, the second is the manure removal system. The width of the holes does not exceed 1-2 cm, which is safe and comfortable for animals.

    This type of coating reduces the risk of colds and intestinal diseases in animals, reduces energy costs and requires 5 times less water for cleaning. In addition, it helps to  increase daily weight gain from 50 to 80 g. These are significant advantages of the slotted floor. The price depends on the type of material from which it is made.

    Types of coatings


    We offer these floors at low prices in three versions:

• concrete - a concrete floor in a swinery is preferable for adults, which are contained in large quantities so that the costs are justified. Suitable for large areas, can withstand heavy loads, but is cold;

• plastic - plastic slit floors for pig houses are made of safe organic material. Suitable for small spaces, can be installed independently, retain heat well. Recommended for pens with piglets, as well as for rearing;

• made of cast iron - metal sheets are durable, do not deform, do not absorb moisture and odor, but are subject to rust and cold. Ideal for sows after farrowing and feeding when they need to lower body temperature.

    Cast iron and concrete floors can be combined with plastic for optimum comfort and temperature.

In addition to slabs, we offer manure removal systems, feeders, cartes and everything for livestock farm organization.


    Country of manufacture: Ukraine