About the company

    "Frait" LLC is a manufacturer of equipment for pig breeding, and specializes in the development and implementation of effective solutions for equipping farms of all types of projects, from new developments on a greenfield site to new buildings in existing farm yards or converting or refitting existing buildings. 

    The company was founded in 2006, and today we are one of the leaders in providing high-quality equipment for the pig breding.
    We can refer to many customers who have been buying  equipment from us. Over the past 5 years, "Frait" LLC has supplied equipment to more than 25 large pig-breeding projects in Ukraine,such as: “APK-INVEST”, “Slobozhansky Agrokombinat”, “Globino”, “AGRO OVEN”, “AGRO SOYUZ”, “Demis-Agro”, "SIGMA", "ICADAN-Ukraine".
    Our production is being supplied abroad: to Belarus, Armenia, Moldova.
    The factory is constantly maintained at a modern level, in particular with the use of CNC machines. Equipment is hot dip galvanized.
    "Frait" LLC is constantly improving products and expanding its range, introducing new technologies, improving the quality, functionality and design of our equipment.
    Production program of the company.
     "Frait" LLC manufactures and supplies wide range of equipment:
    Equipment for pig housing:
• farrowing stalls;
• insemination and gestation stalls;
• welded equipment for sows, boars, and ill or ingured pigs;
• equipment for fattening sites;
• cast iron and plastic slotted floors;
• electric and water plastic slotted floors and panels for heating;
• feed dispensers;
• stainless steel feeders and throughs;
• climate and ventilation equipment;
•bunkers for any pig-breeding purposes;
• pipes, couplings, fittings, brackets, fasteners, bolts and screws.
    Equipment for cattle farming:
• systems of fixed and loose cattle housing.
    For large projects, “Frait” LLC cooperates with construction companies, as well as suppliers of manure removal systems, to offer a comprehensive solution for our client.  "Frait" LLC are ready to offer a reliable path to success from design to delivery.