Feeding machines and feeders for pigs and piglets

Feeder with a table and wetting system

Feeder with a table and wetting system

    • Feeder allows pigs to choose what feed they like - dry feed from the table..

Bunker type feeder 2-sided 8-section for fattening 380 liters
Bunker type feeder 2-sided 6-section for fattening 285 liters
Bunker type feeder 2-sided 4-section for fattening 255 liters
Bunker type feeder one-sided 3-section for fattening 154 liters
Bunker type feeder one-sided 2-section for fattening 100 liters
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    A successful livestock business is rigorous mathematical calculations and modern technology. The system of manure removal, ventilation, proper feeding of pigs – is a direct path to the safety of livestock and its increase. Our equipment will help you achieve your goals.

Pig feeders Frait       

    While developing the design, we aimed at an ideal product that would save space, prevent the spreading of food, meet sanitary and hygienic standards and reliably served for many years. These feeders are represented in the production line of our company. They are made of galvanized stainless steel, therefore durable. Edges and corners are rolled - the possibility of animals injury is excluded. Provide reliable feed.


    We offer feeders of two types:

    • With feed table and wetting system
    Animals can choose their own food and moisturize it, as well as independently regulate the food amount. The combination of dry and wettened feed increases daily weight gain in piglets. The feeder is capacious, convenient for large individuals, provides access of 16 pigs.       

    • Pig hopper feeder   

    Automatic pig feeders make the feeding process organized and regular. They can be selected for age and number of individuals, due to the design they ensure accuracy.   

    The feeders are available in several varieties:   

    • single and double sided;

    • for fattening and rearing;

    • 1-12 sectional;

    • bunker capacity from 50 L to 380 L.   

    Based on the size and functionality, it is possible to buy a bunker feeder for pigs for both small private farms and large production facilities. We can functionally design a swinery on a very good price, according to the strategic goals of the project. We also offer feed for pigs and feed additives. Livestock farming in Ukraine is becoming more dependent on technology, minimizing human participation in the processes.     Modernization of production requires at least a manure cleaning system, a drinking bowl and a pig feede. Price for these items are listed in the catalog, please check the current price with a manager.