• Feeder allows pigs to choose what feed they like - dry feed from the table above or wet feed from the bottom.
    • The animals themselves pour the required amount of feed, which will be moistened.
    • Dry food falls down from the table in a bowl and will be eaten wet, which leads to significant savings in feed throughout the farm.
    • Variety of feed increases its consumption and daily weight gain in piglets.
    • Easy and precise feed adjustment saves you time to maintain feeders.
    • The feeder is made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel. Thickness is 1.5 mm.
    The adjustment knobs make feeding adjustment easy, even when the feeder is completely filled with food.
    Wide feeding places give large pigs more convenient access to feed and allow more pigs to eat at the same time, up to 16 pigs per place. 77 cm feeder height increases feeder capacity. A hopper enlarger can also be used. In addition, the height does not allow pigs to reach the feed pipes and disable them.
    All edges are not sharp, which excludes traumatizing risks. 

    The edge of the bowl is bent out, wet food does not stick under the edge of the bowl in the feeder.
    Aft table for dry food, swinging in the transverse direction. Regulates the feed in a bowl.
    Sprinklers for moistening feed Monoflo (Germany), with a long nipple
    • Feeder material: stainless 304 steel
    • Sheet wall thickness: 1.5 mm
    • Country of origin: Ukraine
    • Group of pigs: fattening
    • Sprinklers for feed wetting: Monoflo
    • Feed Type: Dry / Wettened


Feeder with a table and wetting system